Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lets Go Visit Clera And Chloe

                              "well loofy i am so bored,i am thinking to call Keven to come over."Clera.  
                                 "lets do it."Clera.

                                          "well hey there.i missed you Keven."Clera.
                                          "me to babe."Keven.
                                         "how about coming over."Clera.
                                          "well.i think its a bad idea."Keven
                                          "why,is the problem with your mother?"Clera
                                          "no babe with yours."Keven
                          "why?,no my mom is out with her friends out and she just left."Clera
                                          "i don't wanna put you in trouble."Keven
                                          "just come nothing will happen its not a murder or something."Clera
                                          "okay i would love to see you babe."Keven
                                          "okay bye."Clera
                                           "bye <3."Keven
                                           "who is coming over?"Chloe
                                             "my BF,Keven"Clera
"no one is coming,mom is not here and its not right to have your BF here when mom is not
                "mom is not coming now she just left and she sits for a while with her friends."Clera
                                           "well give me this laptop"Chloe
                                           "no Chloe let go!!"Clera
                                            "give me this!!"Chloe
                                          "here we go."Chloe
                                          "don't hert his feelings."Clera
                                          "i wont."Chloe
                                          "hey there Keven"Chloe
                                          "hey Chloe why are you talkin from Clera's email."Keven
                                           "nothing,well i am not trying to hert you but  can you come
                                     other time cause you now mom is not here.
                               "i really appreciate it i told Clera but she thought i don't want to see her
                                  so i told her okay."Keven
                                          "oh thanks for appreciating okay bye."Chloe
                                          " why did you do that."Clera
                                          "Clera Keven cant come here when mom is not her."Chloe
                                          "mom is not coming now anyways!!!"Clera
                                         "you now what you such a stubborn"Chloe
                                          "No im not!!"Clera
                                          "that means there is no Keven,oh no."Clera
                                well we should visit later Clera is so angry Keven didn't come over
                                           hope everything will be alright later. ):
                                           this is a breakfast plate i made today morning.