Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some More Minaitures:)

Hello there sorry for not posting for a very long time but here you go some new miniatures for my dolls,
Ignore the spongebob on the plate i'm picturing in my miniatures that's the only plate i found laying in my
Room for now.i'm working on a new photo story that will be posted soon so enjoy:).

        First i made these grape fruit slices (of course i made a hole cane first)

                Then i made this berry cake i am kinda happy of how it came out.  

                I made a berry cake slice too but not happy with the results.

                Next,i made some corn bread i'm really happy with the result.      

Brownies! my favorite i adore brownies my dolls do too so here they go i'm actually 
working on a tray of brownies but dont have enough clay so when i get clay i'll do it.

Burger! which is just the way to get my dolls,really happy with the result.

So stay tuned for the next post/photo story

                                                                     Thanks For Your Support