Monday, August 27, 2012

comment for muff,marta and jewel snake.

       hey muff i cant comment on your blog couse the stupid problem so here is the comment:oh my god its the greatest doll house i ever saw!!!!.its so real p.s this is not a house that i made tht house muff made.
   hey marta  i cant comment on your blog couse the stupid problem so here is the comment:nice vacation.they better enjoy it before the winter.(lol)
       hey jewel snake i cant comment on your blog couse the stupid problem so here is the comment:.i love the place that the doll sits in!!!
the next post gona be on 8/28 or 8/29

Friday, August 24, 2012

MOST of the high school girls.

                                               here is the most high school girls.
                                               look at tht fish i saw her today when i what to a .......weird place.
   here head is so big.p.s for jewel snake:  jewel snake i know i didn't comment on your blog from a while my laptop has i problem i still didn't solve.that problem is that i comment on some blogs and on other blogs some thing happen and when i write a comment it dosen't publish it.and your blog is from them so i really want to comment but i cant becouse of the problem.hope you read that.bye.thanks for pam for following  and commenting.and thanks for muff and Marta for commenting.have a great day.bye

Monday, August 20, 2012

my new dolls barbie i can be a pancake cheif and monster high scary cool sleepover and barbie fashionistas summer.

hi guys today i am gona show you my new dolls that you cant know how i am happy that i got them oh here is my monster high doll that i am so happy i got here she is so beauty.
                                                she is just a beauty i love the heart thats on her face.
                                              here slippers is so pretty and cute.
                                                     here is Draculaura yawning.
                                                    the box from the back.
                                          here is some other dolls from the same commercial.
                                        and here is the dolls haveing a great sleepover party.
                                                  here is the box from the side.
                                               barbie i can be pancake cheif oh my god.
                                                 chealsea is so cute.
                                                barbie even is more cute.
                                                     i love the kitchen.or the stove.
                                               barbie fashionistas summer.she is so pretty.
                                                   i love her boots.
                                                isnt she pretty.
                                                 here is draculaura out of the box.
                                                        here slippers!!!!
                                                 here scary human movies is so cute.
here is the barbie i can be a pancake chef video i love it so much i am so happy that i got these dolls.oh my!!!!thanks for your great comments jewel snake,muff and marta.bye.oh and here is my youtube chanel that you can see great videoes too.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

my new barbie i can be doll set with small photostory

                                               this is my new doll playset.
                                               i am in love with this chealsea.
                                                 barbie is so her.
                                                   these stuff are so cute.
                                               the box from the back.
                                                      and from the sides

                                                      love their shoes.
                                         i named her choie(c h o i e) but i still didnt pick her a mother yet.
                                          choie:i love my teacher so much i should give her a present.
                                      her name is not barbie her name is danitza (d a n i t s a)
                                     danitza:  oh what a great chart who made this.
                                      danitza:i love you so much too choie.thanks.
                                       here is the playset with the box beside it love it.                           
                                       they are so i think i should go know.Bye.

a worry day at the lingerie shop part 3

tina went to try her lingerie on and then her sister saw that lingerie then she thought to try it on after her sister finishes her try on.
                                         Tina:monica tell me that kelsy is with you.
                                          Monica:no she is on the couch.  
                                      Tina:what!!!!!!!no she is not.
                                        Monica:oh my god!!!!!
                                       Tina:honey kelly did you see kelsy.
                                        Kelly:no i was looking to the babys.
                                      Tina(in a low voice)oh my god oh my god.
                                       Monica:dont wory were gona find her but colm down.
                                      "mommy" tina heard a littel voice saying mommy.
                                     Kelsy:mommy your crying.
                                       Tina:oh my dont leave me again.
Kelsy: okay mommy but i was playing with you hide and seek i was hiding in that small room then i saw you crying.
                                     Monica:thanks god that we found you.
                                      monica went to buy the lingeries.
                                      working lady:these only

                                   the linerie that monica got on monica
                                     and the lingerie that tina got on tina
what a scary day for tina tina was really worried hope next time she keep a good eye on kelsy.thanks for mrs leo for following my blog.the lingerie story ended thats the last part.Bye.