Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Birthday's night at Justen's

 now kelsy is so tired after a long day playing with her friends in the birthday so Ryan got her to her room.
this is kelsy and baby Joseph's room.
this is kelsy's bed remember the old one. i changed it.
                                                   and this is baby joseph's bed.
                                                        this is down stairs.
i am going to separate the kitchen.....
                                                     from the living room.
                                          "dad" can you read me a story....
                                          "Ryan"i am going to read her a story i think you
                                              are tired after a long day"
                                                "mommy read me the snow white story i got
                                                  on my birthday"
                                             "here we go.once upon a time.......
                                           "okay sweetie you have to sleep now".
                                           "mommy dont turn off the light"
                                                     "night night honey"

                                                      " why dont you take a kiss too"
                                           "good night honey"i am going to see something
                                              and i wll be coming to you"(Ryan)
                                             "okay honey"(Tina)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Renewed family in marytown

remember this family.i thought i should change it because when i brushed the mom's
hair i thought i made her so old by giving her these two 18,20 years girls so i made
from the dad and mom a new family in the pic below.
 how about this.this is Lia and her husband Tery and thier kids shery 4 years old and the other
one kia 8 months.
arent they a great couple.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pineapple Pie

 this is the pie i made and i tried to make it more better than any other one i made and i think it was fine.
this is a pic i show in the pineapple pie and it's slice. is a better vision

                                                                this is the slice. 
this is the whole pie.
                                             rockia:mmmm...this tastes good.
                                            rockia:do you want a piece sweetie
                                             rocka makes her hand up and down.but this is definatly
                                               too hard for her.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kelsy's Birthday PT.3

now maria and monica started to say hi to each other
then they sitted and started to talk.
                                    Tina receives a gift from her mother she sended with the gift
                                        a letter. tina openes it and read it.
                                         it says hey tina sorry i couldnt come but don't tell kelsy
                                         anything tell her that i love her sincerly mary
                                       Tina was a littel sad but she tried to chear her self up.
                           then she thought to call ryan to come with kelsy cuz all of the guests
                                          arrrived but some couldnt come.
Tina:hey hon now were ready.
Ryan:great cuz i didnt know were else should i put her to go.
                                        Kelsy:daddy why it is so dark right here i am scared.
                            Ryan:dont be scared honey i think there is something wrong with the lights
all togther:surprise!!
Kelsy:yay!!it's my birthday.
                                        Tina: are you happy honey
                                          Kelsy:ya i am so happy
                                  Tina:LET'S PARTY!!
                                          Kelsy;come with me let's play
                                            the kids started to play together with much fun
                                   Ryan:you look extremly beautiful.and you'll always do.
                                          Tina:oh honey that is so nice of you.
                                  kelsy: mommy is this  my birthday cake it looks yummy.
                                          kelsy:yes honey this is your bithday cake.
                                              they had a wonderful day and kelsy was so happy
                     i hope tina forgets that her mother couldnt come she will think about it
                                                                       all night.
                       that was the gift that ryan got to kelsy i wonder what did he got her
              i am making next time photostory about kelsy opening her gifts hope you enjoyed 
                        kelsy's birthday sincerly,Jessica