Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the new chair and its little table

                                        midge is trying the new couch and she feels good on it and the baby like .                                        it and really relaxed.

                                                 here is elmo on that post.
                                                that post is a valentine card.
                                                            from inside.
                                         here is the box of the valentine card i got it from walmart it was 3$.
                                                  here they are .
                                                                and the table.
                                           tina and monica in the same time:did you see the new chair and table.
                                          tina and ryan stealed a minute to relax.
                    next photostory is gona be them alone tonight without kids keep visiting to see.   .                   thanks for marta and muff for commenting.

Monday, July 30, 2012


                     Tina   , Chealsea and barbie are wearing the new clothes .
                                                 well here is tina wearing the new  lingerie
                                                  here is the robe . its not pretty cool but i like it.
                                                     here is the robe from the back.
                                                  here is it without the robe.
                                                                           in the back.
                                                    this is barbie with the other lingerie.
                                                    i like it on her. but its not hers it belongs to the new lingerie shop.
                                                      her it is from the back. oh my. oh my.
                                                   here is chealsea with her new pj that she still gona buy it  .                                                      
                                                    from the back. i ment to make these bracks .
                                                 how cute is she i love her so much.
                                                and that was the new cloth for the still opening shops  . thanks for Marta,Georgia Girl,vanessa and Muff for commenting.

Friday, July 27, 2012

marytown's Characters

                                                    Rayn's: barbie,ken their old daughters chole 16 and cleira 18 .
                                               Justen's: Ryan,Tina baby Joseph and kelsy 2 years.
                                                   Joe's:Monica,kelly 3 years and baby emily 5 mons.
                                                    eric's:midge she is pregnant in the 8th and linda 15 years.            
                                                     jack's:elizebith , her daughter sera 7 mons.
                                                 Jackson's:maria, chealsea 4 years and baby shelly.                                                                                           middle famililes     
                                                    julian's:lisa baby nikki and emy 4 years.she is a women doctor too.
                                                  rock's:rokia baby roka 9 mons.
                                                    robin's:raquel and her daughter cidny.                                                                       workers 
                                                   Stephanie casher lady at mary market.
                                                   bell .
                                                    berry she works at little star daycare.                                                                    realations                             
                                                      barbie and midge are sisters barbie is bigger.
                                              raquel and rokia are sisters raquel is older.
                                            monica and tina are sisters and there mother mary. Monica is older.      
                                                    elizebeth and lisa are sisters lisa is older.
                                                     berry and  bell are twins. doctor bell is older.
                                          barbie is rokia and raquel's cousen.                                                                                                                        shops oweners                                                   
                                        raquel owns the mary shop.
                                               barbie owns the littel star daycare

Need To Go To The Market

 It's the early morning and the Ladys went to the Mary market to buy some stuff they need.
                                            here is maria and her kids.                       
                                        and rokia went to get some frozen chicken and she dropped her                                                           daughter to the little star daycare  

                                                        rokia:that is a good one.
                                               here is Rokia's daughter
                                         Monica went to drop the kids to the daycare too
                                         Monica:take care of her.  she needs a nap
                                           Kelly:bye bye mommy   Monica: bye honey                                                                            
                                            Monica arrived to the market
                                                Rokia:how mach is this?
                                          cashier lady:10$.

                                          rokia:i want my daughter please
                                            berry:okay one Minute
                                          berry:here she is
                                          Rokia:oh she needs to sleep. thank you

                                                Monica:i need eggs and milk
                                           what a busy day at the market