Saturday, September 15, 2012

school girls 2 and a photostory finally.

                                                this is the school hall way.
 this is the other school girls till know no boy came. the girls are waiting for one!!!lol.
                                                      oh did i forget her no her is Linda. lets start the photostory!
                                                    Linda;first day at high school yay!!
                                                     midge:i know it is hard.
                                                     Linda:kind of.
                                                      midge:yes honey.
                                                      Linda:i think you should go.
                                                   midge:no honey i have to see you in first day at high school.
                                                  Linda:but mom.....
                                                  Midge:no i have to see it.
                  linda didnt want her mother to be sad so she just said nothing. not happy but normal.    
                                           midge:here you go.oh.
                                          midge:hey chole!
                                          chole:oh hey aunt!
                                          midge:how is everything.

                                          midge:bye honey.
                                           Linda:bye mom.
                    isnt the teacher heels good for pregnent women?well i think they arent so high.
                                                     conversation started.till clera chole's sister came.
                                           clera: girl i was looking for you. oh we have a new student here.
                                          chole:ya she just came know.
                                          clera:hey linda didnt see you from a while.
                                          Linda:ya i was looking for a high school.
                                           clera:great you came here cousens togther.
                                          they start talking.well finally i got you photo story lots of storys coming these days stay tuned.oh and kelsy's birthday is coming please guys write her in the comment box what you want to get her and i will make it for her if i could and i am gona write her that its from you she is gona be soooo happy.bye and thanks for everything. love,Jassica

Sunday, September 9, 2012

comments for some friends

jewel snake:i love your last story!
muff:you got great mystery box i love the furniture the stroller was so cute!
marta:the baby are the cutest  and with his shirt he is sooooooooo cute!!
pam:i love barbie's face she is so pretty!
a new photostory next time.

                                           love you all!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

please read.

hi everyone. well i wanted to say something i am really sad about well hope you understand its not my older sister went one my blog she wanted to post something on her blog but by accident she wrote on my blog.and that post was that her birthday is tomorrow sweet 16.but it wasnt me it was her i dont know how it was by accident i dont really believe her but she says that.i am only 12 hope you believe me i swear i am 12.and i knew some day she is gona do something like that becouse i have more followers than hers i have 6 and she have only 4 and my birthday is on November 24.and she always say to me the bigger is the best in everything.that sucs.well bye.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

school back stuff.

hey every one i made some school supplies for the school back so i thought that i should show it to you so here they are enjoy the pics.
    note book pencil case and banana fancy sticky notes.

pencil case.

                                             pencils i have more than these.
                                          fancy sticky notes.
                                              folders from inside.
                                          drawing books.
                                          ruler and eraser.
        backpack.if you want me to make a tutorial of it i will from only one request.
                                          from the back.
                                              it opens a closes again.
 from inside.hope muff,marta,jewel snack,mr.s leo and Pam see that vid that i will post next time love you all.

Monday, August 27, 2012

comment for muff,marta and jewel snake.

       hey muff i cant comment on your blog couse the stupid problem so here is the comment:oh my god its the greatest doll house i ever saw!!!!.its so real p.s this is not a house that i made tht house muff made.
   hey marta  i cant comment on your blog couse the stupid problem so here is the comment:nice vacation.they better enjoy it before the winter.(lol)
       hey jewel snake i cant comment on your blog couse the stupid problem so here is the comment:.i love the place that the doll sits in!!!
the next post gona be on 8/28 or 8/29

Friday, August 24, 2012

MOST of the high school girls.

                                               here is the most high school girls.
                                               look at tht fish i saw her today when i what to a .......weird place.
   here head is so big.p.s for jewel snake:  jewel snake i know i didn't comment on your blog from a while my laptop has i problem i still didn't solve.that problem is that i comment on some blogs and on other blogs some thing happen and when i write a comment it dosen't publish it.and your blog is from them so i really want to comment but i cant becouse of the problem.hope you read that.bye.thanks for pam for following  and commenting.and thanks for muff and Marta for commenting.have a great day.bye

Monday, August 20, 2012

my new dolls barbie i can be a pancake cheif and monster high scary cool sleepover and barbie fashionistas summer.

hi guys today i am gona show you my new dolls that you cant know how i am happy that i got them oh here is my monster high doll that i am so happy i got here she is so beauty.
                                                she is just a beauty i love the heart thats on her face.
                                              here slippers is so pretty and cute.
                                                     here is Draculaura yawning.
                                                    the box from the back.
                                          here is some other dolls from the same commercial.
                                        and here is the dolls haveing a great sleepover party.
                                                  here is the box from the side.
                                               barbie i can be pancake cheif oh my god.
                                                 chealsea is so cute.
                                                barbie even is more cute.
                                                     i love the kitchen.or the stove.
                                               barbie fashionistas summer.she is so pretty.
                                                   i love her boots.
                                                isnt she pretty.
                                                 here is draculaura out of the box.
                                                        here slippers!!!!
                                                 here scary human movies is so cute.
here is the barbie i can be a pancake chef video i love it so much i am so happy that i got these dolls.oh my!!!!thanks for your great comments jewel snake,muff and marta.bye.oh and here is my youtube chanel that you can see great videoes too.