Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kelsy's Birthday Part.2

                 Tina is wating now for her friend maria to help her in decorating the house.
                                          Tina:oh my god she is too late come on maria.
                                   Tina:maria you were too late.i was scared you won"t come
                                    Maria:sorry.but it is all about the kids.
                        now maria is setteled and then chelsea maria's daughter called tina
                                           Chelsea:miss tina
                                               Tina:yes honey
                                          Chelsea:this is for kelsy.
                                        Tina:oh honey thank you.
                                          tina putted the present on the couch.
                                          Maria:are you ready
                                          Tina:while ago.
                                          Tina:know you keep here littel man till i come.
                                          Tina:did you know i already baked the cake.
                                          Maria:great then we have more time.
Tina:look it is right there.
this is the cake it came with an old set.
                                          but it didnt have the letter "K" i putted this
                                           Maria: it looks great
                                         Tina: yea right.
                              Maria:okay i am going to get some birthday wall decoration
                                        i left shelly she is sleeping she wont do anything.      
                                         this is the wall decoration
                                          oops... pic repeted
                                          this is the box that kelsy will put her presents in.
                                          this is tina after she wore her other suit.
                                             Maria:the house looks amazing right
                                              Tina:yea really amazing.
                  postman:this is a presant through the blogger  from site "hey it's muff" for kelsy
                     Tina:oh thanks that is so nice of her kelsy is gonna be so happy and thankful.
                                          Thanks muff.

                                          now monica tina's sister arrived
                                           Tina:hey monica.
                                              monica:hey tina.where is kelsy
                                             Tina:it's a surprise party so she went out with ryan.
                                          kelly:aunt tina did you see what i got for kelsy.
                                          Tina:oh it's wonderful i love it i missed you soo much
                                           Kelly:i missed you too
                                            to be continued......
                                            part 3 is coming soon part 3 is the last part.Enjoy!!


  1. Hello from Spain: I love decorating the house to celebrate the birthday. Your furniture and your dolls are also very nice. Great work, keep in touch

    1. thanks marta!!you always chear me up.thanks for following as well!!

  2. What a great story! I love all the decorations you've added, including a gift from me, lol!

    1. hahaha!!thanks muff kelsy is going to be so happy with the story you got her it was a snow white story.

  3. really cute decorations, you did amazing work! I'm curious about Kelsys presents!

  4. oh jewel snake thanks!!!that is so nice from you.i am going to make gifts opening for kelsy's presents.

  5. Nice story. Very nice of Muff to send Kelsy a present.