Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Birthday's night at Justen's

 now kelsy is so tired after a long day playing with her friends in the birthday so Ryan got her to her room.
this is kelsy and baby Joseph's room.
this is kelsy's bed remember the old one. i changed it.
                                                   and this is baby joseph's bed.
                                                        this is down stairs.
i am going to separate the kitchen.....
                                                     from the living room.
                                          "dad" can you read me a story....
                                          "Ryan"i am going to read her a story i think you
                                              are tired after a long day"
                                                "mommy read me the snow white story i got
                                                  on my birthday"
                                             "here we go.once upon a time.......
                                           "okay sweetie you have to sleep now".
                                           "mommy dont turn off the light"
                                                     "night night honey"

                                                      " why dont you take a kiss too"
                                           "good night honey"i am going to see something
                                              and i wll be coming to you"(Ryan)
                                             "okay honey"(Tina)


  1. Hello from Spain: sweet dreams ... lovely rooms .. Keep in touch

  2. thanks marta,i will tell kelsy that you wished her sweet dreams.

  3. Thanks for the tour of your rooms!

  4. I really like new rooms, especially Kelsy's bed is so cute!

  5. Amazing post! I love it:)

  6. New follower here!

    This is such a cute setup... I wonder what she's going to check though.

    The kids room is just adorable :)