Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some More Minaitures:)

Hello there sorry for not posting for a very long time but here you go some new miniatures for my dolls,
Ignore the spongebob on the plate i'm picturing in my miniatures that's the only plate i found laying in my
Room for now.i'm working on a new photo story that will be posted soon so enjoy:).

        First i made these grape fruit slices (of course i made a hole cane first)

                Then i made this berry cake i am kinda happy of how it came out.  

                I made a berry cake slice too but not happy with the results.

                Next,i made some corn bread i'm really happy with the result.      

Brownies! my favorite i adore brownies my dolls do too so here they go i'm actually 
working on a tray of brownies but dont have enough clay so when i get clay i'll do it.

Burger! which is just the way to get my dolls,really happy with the result.

So stay tuned for the next post/photo story

                                                                     Thanks For Your Support



  1. These look really good and tasty!

  2. your miniatures are one of the best I have seen! It's hard to believe you're so young yet so talented! Cakes looks like real ones, and those orange slices - wow! so real! did you used fimo to make them?

    1. OH GOD!! you always chear me up your the best jewel snake! THANKS SO MUCH DEAR <3 and yea i used fimo to do these, do you use it too or do you do clay miniatures and charms?

    2. I though it must be fimo, since orange slices have this wet, translucent look. I wish I could use fimo, unfortunately my oven is damaged so I stuck with polymer clay and poxy.
      I'm just being honest, your're very talented. Your creations looks exactly like real food, if anyone would compare your berry cake with the real one, it would be impossible to tell the difference.

    3. C'mon jewel snake your super nice thank u soo much your amazing and im more than sure if you made polymer clay miniatures your gonna be even better than me! thanks jewel snake so much <3