Monday, August 20, 2012

my new dolls barbie i can be a pancake cheif and monster high scary cool sleepover and barbie fashionistas summer.

hi guys today i am gona show you my new dolls that you cant know how i am happy that i got them oh here is my monster high doll that i am so happy i got here she is so beauty.
                                                she is just a beauty i love the heart thats on her face.
                                              here slippers is so pretty and cute.
                                                     here is Draculaura yawning.
                                                    the box from the back.
                                          here is some other dolls from the same commercial.
                                        and here is the dolls haveing a great sleepover party.
                                                  here is the box from the side.
                                               barbie i can be pancake cheif oh my god.
                                                 chealsea is so cute.
                                                barbie even is more cute.
                                                     i love the kitchen.or the stove.
                                               barbie fashionistas summer.she is so pretty.
                                                   i love her boots.
                                                isnt she pretty.
                                                 here is draculaura out of the box.
                                                        here slippers!!!!
                                                 here scary human movies is so cute.
here is the barbie i can be a pancake chef video i love it so much i am so happy that i got these dolls.oh my!!!!thanks for your great comments jewel snake,muff and marta.bye.oh and here is my youtube chanel that you can see great videoes too.


  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new dolls. I have the same Monsters. It's one of my favorites. The heart of her face is very original. I also like Barbie's kitchen. Shelly is very cute. Keep in touch

    1. thanks marta!!!ya and i really like that monster high she is the cutest.i love barbie kitchen shelly too.bye thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi I loved your blog,followed you!!I just started a blog few days ago which is all about Barbie fashionistas, her two best friends Raquelle nd Summer!:)I would love to have you as a follower on my blog at,thanks!!:):) :)

    1. thanks for following i am gona see your blog to.thanks again.

  3. Congrats on such awesome dolls and sets! I really like the pancake chef.

  4. thanks muff!!!and i do like the barbie chef much.