Friday, July 27, 2012

Need To Go To The Market

 It's the early morning and the Ladys went to the Mary market to buy some stuff they need.
                                            here is maria and her kids.                       
                                        and rokia went to get some frozen chicken and she dropped her                                                           daughter to the little star daycare  

                                                        rokia:that is a good one.
                                               here is Rokia's daughter
                                         Monica went to drop the kids to the daycare too
                                         Monica:take care of her.  she needs a nap
                                           Kelly:bye bye mommy   Monica: bye honey                                                                            
                                            Monica arrived to the market
                                                Rokia:how mach is this?
                                          cashier lady:10$.

                                          rokia:i want my daughter please
                                            berry:okay one Minute
                                          berry:here she is
                                          Rokia:oh she needs to sleep. thank you

                                                Monica:i need eggs and milk
                                           what a busy day at the market

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