Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the new chair and its little table

                                        midge is trying the new couch and she feels good on it and the baby like .                                        it and really relaxed.

                                                 here is elmo on that post.
                                                that post is a valentine card.
                                                            from inside.
                                         here is the box of the valentine card i got it from walmart it was 3$.
                                                  here they are .
                                                                and the table.
                                           tina and monica in the same time:did you see the new chair and table.
                                          tina and ryan stealed a minute to relax.
                    next photostory is gona be them alone tonight without kids keep visiting to see.   .                   thanks for marta and muff for commenting.


  1. I bet Monica is going to want to steal time on the sofa for herself. Making your own furniture is the best!

    1. yes monica wanted that but emily her baby kid was crying wants to eat. thanks for your everytime comment. your the best muff.

    2. and yes doing furniture is the best i always enjoy making things for my dolls

  2. Hello from Spain: the pictures are very nice. You have a very creative furniture. Keep in touch