Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tina and Rayn's NIGHT

                              Tina is getting the kids in their beds to have her night ready.
                                         Tina kissed Kelsy and went to sit downstairs.
                                           "ding dong" Tina:RAYN!!!!
                                         Rayn:hey baby.
                                            Tina:hey honey.
                                        Tina:were finally in the room.
                              Tina went to put her blue robe away and Rayn changes his shirt.
                                             Rayn:here you are baby .  
                                   Rayn goes to the bed and Tina puts the lingerie robe out.
                                               Rayn:hello there.
                                                          Tina went above.
                                                   Rayn:i want to tell you something.
        Rayn:i want to get some new furniture for our house couse our furniture is increidble.
                                                   Tina:but why. and who told you that.
rayn:no body but i thinked about it Tina:i was just kidding of course we want new furniture.
lets leave them now alone. comment and follow thanks. marta and muff and vanessa your the best and you make the best photostorys. i love you all.


  1. Tina has very lovely robe, I like it!
    Also Kelsys bed is so cute!

    1. thanks jewel snack and thanks for following. Kelsey's bed is handmade.thanks again!!!!

  2. You are really crafting! Looks like a lot of items are handmade. Tina's underwear with the baubles on the side are cute!

    1. thanks so much muff for following your really really the best. yes the bed is hand made and Kelsy's bed to. i love crafting.