Monday, August 6, 2012

the lingerie shop is almost done

finally it's almost done.
 the lingerie shop is almost done i worked on it since the last week. between getting the stuff that i will make it with .and making it. but it still needs some work. perhaps it's done by next Wednesday.
                                                         that's the changing room.
                                                                   still needs some work.
                       that's the couch.and i still want to put the desk that the working women will sit on.
                                                            and that's the pink style lingerie shop.
                                           still need to make some cloth they are 4 only.
 thats the whole shop hope you like it. alot of thanks for muff and jewel snake for following me. thank you guys so much.


  1. looks goods, even not yet finished. you're very creative person, I like it!
    how looks this blue dress? can you possibly show it?

    1. thanks!!i am going to show the blue dress on the next photo story.thanks again.

  2. This is a great start. Glad to be able to see the bare bones of the project before it was filled with ladies.

  3. ya.the ladies really wanted to go in but i didnt let them now but know they went.thanks!