Thursday, August 9, 2012

Being Ready To Go To The Lingerie SHOP

hi everybody today i am gona post: being Ready to Go to the lingerie shop. that post contains 3 parts but every part has a name. and that's part one .the lingerie shop is done. finally. thats why i made these posts for you to s-ee the lingerie shop insted making tour. i just made photostory and a tour with each other. but the shop is not he-re in this post. your going to see it on part 2,3. this is just Tina and her sister being ready for going to the lingerie shop.and Monica and her daughter Kelly is wearing the same dresses i hope you liked the dresses. know i think we should start the story.
                                            Tina:let's wear the skirt
                                             Kelsy:okay mommy.
                                             Tina:know  go wear your shoes.

                                             Tina: good girl.
                                          Tina:what are you doing mr. mess.
                                                "DING DONG"
                                          Tina:the door.Monica came.
                                            Tina:let's go kel.
                                          Tina: let's go mr Joe.

                                            Monica: hey teen.
                                            Tina:hey monica
                                                     Tina: i see you and kelly are wearing the same.
                                          Monica:yea kelly kept crying i want to wear like you.
                                            kelly: hey kel.                                            
                                               kelsy :hey.
                                             "they started there conversation"
                                          Tina:so let's go.
                                          Kelsy and Kelly in the same time:YES!!!


  1. Hello from Spain: an original story. I like the photos. Keep in touch

    1. thanks marta!!and glad you liked the photos.

  2. Aww, love the original clothing and the story. The little girls are the cutest!