Saturday, August 18, 2012

a worry day at the lingerie shop part 3

tina went to try her lingerie on and then her sister saw that lingerie then she thought to try it on after her sister finishes her try on.
                                         Tina:monica tell me that kelsy is with you.
                                          Monica:no she is on the couch.  
                                      Tina:what!!!!!!!no she is not.
                                        Monica:oh my god!!!!!
                                       Tina:honey kelly did you see kelsy.
                                        Kelly:no i was looking to the babys.
                                      Tina(in a low voice)oh my god oh my god.
                                       Monica:dont wory were gona find her but colm down.
                                      "mommy" tina heard a littel voice saying mommy.
                                     Kelsy:mommy your crying.
                                       Tina:oh my dont leave me again.
Kelsy: okay mommy but i was playing with you hide and seek i was hiding in that small room then i saw you crying.
                                     Monica:thanks god that we found you.
                                      monica went to buy the lingeries.
                                      working lady:these only

                                   the linerie that monica got on monica
                                     and the lingerie that tina got on tina
what a scary day for tina tina was really worried hope next time she keep a good eye on kelsy.thanks for mrs leo for following my blog.the lingerie story ended thats the last part.Bye.


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like the styling of your Barbies. The shopping bags are ideal. I also like the fitting room. The dialogue is very real. Great job .. . Keep in touch

    1. thanks marta!!thanks for commenting and stopping by.

  2. aww, Kelsy, what a bad girl. Poor Tina, no wonder she was so worried, Kelsy could be kidnapped or killed, just because of her prats

    1. ya you didtt know how tina was feeling she was like killed for inside if her thanks god that she's not kidnapped.dont know what ryan gona do if he knows this.

  3. Ack! I knew Kelsy was the type to wander away. Good thing she was just playing. All's well that ends well and they got some nice clothing too!

    1. yah kelsy was so board sitting on the couch doing nothing so she sow her mother comeing then she thought to play with her hide and seek.and kelly was looking to the babys kelly is a kid to but if she sow kelsy she was going to play with her.