Saturday, August 18, 2012

my new barbie i can be doll set with small photostory

                                               this is my new doll playset.
                                               i am in love with this chealsea.
                                                 barbie is so her.
                                                   these stuff are so cute.
                                               the box from the back.
                                                      and from the sides

                                                      love their shoes.
                                         i named her choie(c h o i e) but i still didnt pick her a mother yet.
                                          choie:i love my teacher so much i should give her a present.
                                      her name is not barbie her name is danitza (d a n i t s a)
                                     danitza:  oh what a great chart who made this.
                                      danitza:i love you so much too choie.thanks.
                                       here is the playset with the box beside it love it.                           
                                       they are so i think i should go know.Bye.


  1. Congrats on getting this! I've seen a couple of school related sets but since I wasn't collecting kids I passed on them. They do have some nice items inside though.

    1. thanks!! ya they have very cute things inside.when i saw this set i was crazy becouse i was planing to make the school but i was not thinking i was gona get this set i didnt plan i saw it i realy wanted to get it it was $20.99.

  2. wow, cute set indeed! never seen this one!
    Barbie has a lovely t-shirt :) do you have any plans for using these dolls in Marytown?

    1. yes i am useing them in marytown becose mrs.danitza is gona be teaching grade 1'2'3 and kindergarden i am still working on this school.thanks for your nice comment.and i am gona use choie to becose she is one reason why did i get this play set.i needed a small girl.

    2. can't wait to see them used in new stories then!

    3. even me.there gona be used when the school is ready or even before.but stay tuned.